Christmas Story Apps

My kids love reading on my phone. We had to have a couple for the Holidays!


What is one of your favorite tv specials this time of year? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


Like Rudolph himself, this digital book is special. It includes custom music, background audio, enlarged artwork for each scene, and authentic audio clips from the timeless 1964 TV special! The app also includes special effects for Rudolph’s glowing nose and falling snow!

P’Diddy is already very fun this year and Rudolph’s nose is definitely one of his top highlights. I choose the Auto Play for him and the story reads out loud to him and turns the pages. Maybe I can get a couple of minutes to get something done!


When we sit together we can choose the Read to Me or Read by Myself options and there are important words throughout the story that pop up or you can push an object on the screen and it repeats that word. See, we are learning too!


Another family favorite is The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree


Finding the perfect tree is very important for Papa Bear and his cubs. While hunting for that one special tree the family meets up with the animals that live in the trees and all learn an important lesson.

The stories are just like reading a book right in front of you, except better I think! The pictures are the same, but they focus them in and out to make the characters seem more real. Also highlighting each word as the story moves along is a fabulous way to help children start reading and teaches spelling and grammer too!


Do you have any favorite Holiday apps?


I was given these apps for review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I’m new to the whole app thing. I think these apps would be great if we had an iPad. That way a couple of our children could enjoy the story at the same time a bit easier than on my iPod Touch.

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