After School Snack with #TysonGoodness Mini Chicken Sandwich

My boys love chicken sandwiches. I mean really love. It is always a top choice when go out to eat, it is the choice when they get to choose their once a week Hot Lunch at school – if it is an option that week – and they are thrilled when I bake the Morning Star italian herb patties for a quick dinner sometimes.

P’Diddy and I went shopping at Walmart the other day to find the new Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Many Walmarts are now carrying this product (to check your area go to I have to tell you that we almost left the store without them because we couldn’t find them! We even had help! They weren’t with the Tyson bags of chicken, but as I was walking away past the White Castle mini burgers I found them on the bottom shelf. They come in a box, not a bag!


Yay! I was going to surprise the boys that afternoon with a new snack.

We are in a busy time of year. This week held, 2 basketball practices, a bookfair, and a Holiday play, in 3 days time. When were we supposed to have dinner I wondered? I decided that we would have late dinners each evening so I wanted the boys to have a good afternoon snack to tide them over. Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches to the rescue!
I did surprise them that afternoon and they were THRILLED! I had bought one of each flavor – plain and cheddar cheese.
What is my favorite part? The boys can make the sandwiches themselves! Easy microwave instructions heats the chicken up in less than two minutes.
I have to admit that in the few days the sandwiches have been in our freezer we have had them for breakfast, lunch, and of course after school. They are almost gone because the boys have scarfed them down. They really are good! I was a bit nervous myself because not cooking them in the oven doesn’t make them as crispy as I would like, but I still find myself munching on them too! 🙂

Right now when you buy 2 packages of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at Walmart you will receive a $5 Walmart Gift Card back! How awesome is that?! Be sure to keep your receipt and HERE is the form you will need to fill out.


My gift card will be used to buy more of these yummy sandwiches for my boys!


What is your family’s favorite after school snack?


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias and all opinions are my own.

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