Little Monster Fun & Learning Book by Mercer Mayer

We are big Mercer Mayer fans at our house. Actually, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. We collected the Little Critter books and I Was So Mad is still one of my favorites that I love to read all the time!
Little Monster Fun & Learn Book is a new collection featuring four of our favorite Little Monster stories..Counting, Alphabet, Bedtime, & Neighborhood.
The illustrations are great as always and one reason these books appeal to me is even though they are geared towards ages 3-8, my little guy who is almost 2 can point out different words he is learning in the pictures – basketball, truck, apple, etc. There is a lot going on in each page to chat about!
Plus, the words are Just So Fun (that should be a title!) and make us giggle! Let me share some of them with you…
Alphabet ~ Ii is for insect. I have a pet ladybug and a cricket, but I don’t want a pet spider. Qq is for question. I collect questions to ask my Grandpa.


Counting ~ 8 is eight ice cream cones. One cone fell on his head. How many are left?


Neighborhood ~ The garbagemonsters pick up the garbage. Their truck grinds it up with a roar.


Bedtime ~ Pop is reading monster rhymes tonight.

When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, The Grithix couldn’t fix him at all.

The Grithix got grumpy, but Humpty felt worse, So they went off together to find him a nurse.


As you can see the stories are filled with Fun & Learning and a favorite for both the kids and me!


I was sent this book for review and all opinions are my own.

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