It’s Hard Work to Stay Beautiful

I worked in a nice salon when I was in college. I loved it! I learned a lot about the beauty industry and the talent and tools it takes to keep us beautiful!
One of the perks of course was that I got to have my hair done for free. I’d love to sit there and relax and let them work their magic. One thing I remember thinking each time was, wow they have great hair dryers. Maybe that is where the magic comes in – from the products they use!
My hair would just blow out just the way they wanted it to. Soft and silky. Every hair in the right place. So beautiful.

Now, let’s go back in time for a minute. I have always had ‘bad’ hair. Ask my mother. When I was young it was thin and stringy and tangled easily. Also, straight as a stick. This was around the time that perms were popular and my mom would let me get curls put in. But they never worked! My hair was awful!
Now take one of my good friends. Her hair is naturally curly! It is a lot of work for her! Using the best hair straightner is what she liked to do to change things up a bit.
Isn’t it crazy how we all have such different types of hair and what we want to look like differs for us all?



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