Decluttering our Playroom #WallTracks

Decluttering our playroom is a hard task! Hubby all the time is telling me to go through all these toys! Where do they all go?

In our new house we have a formal dining room. Do you think that is what it is used for? No way! It’s a playroom! And we are very thankful for it. 🙂

I’ve thought of some ideas to help make this room a better place. Some of them I use now and some of them I NEED to do soon!

~Bookshelves is a MUST for all of our books! I actually have another one on its way and can’t wait until it gets here.

~Stackable Bins are wonderful space savers. We have a set of two. One holds our blocks and the top is for our superheros.


~Colorful bins like these are one of the best things I ever bought. It is great when I have them organized into sections – cars, pirates, dinosaurs, tools, etc. Not saying they last long organized but it’s such a good feeling when they are!

~ Toys having their own space like I mentioned above my dining room is what we used now. Believe me, I know this is not always possible. But try to at least have their own corner in a room and not let them be spread out everywhere. It’s hard!

~ Pick up every night. This doesn’t always happen and I’ve been more strict lately about it. It definitely helps when every toy can go back in its place each evening.

~ Toy Chest for the bigger items. All of our swords, transformer helmets, large dinosaurs, etc are thrown into this box.

~ Hooks are wonderful for the hanging items like aprons, jump ropes, hats. Keep them off the floor!

~ Garage sales. My boys love having a garage sales. Weed through unwanted toys and watch the smiles on the kids who come and find new treasures.

~ Goodwill after the garage sale is complete and you still haven’t gotten rid of everything you’d like. Some little boy or girl will love to have something new.

~ I hate to say it but some things need to go into the garbage. Toys break and some toys are just worthless like those kid meals from the fast food restaurants. Or Recycle if you can!!


If you have any more ideas I’d love to hear. These are the containers and storage devices we use for the most part and once or twice a year try to have a BIG declutter moment where the toys leave. How do you differ?


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