My Child’s Sense of Style

Sense of style? Gosh, I’m not sure my kids have style…well maybe they do because each of them is a little different!


Let me first think back to when I was a kid. I was a weird girl for awhile. I remember I liked it when my mom would pick out my clothes each night and lay them on my bed. I had matching outfits – far out pants to go with crazy looking shirts. Well that was the style!

Then junior high hit and I HAD to have Guess jeans or whatever brand name my friends had. I needed to be cool!


There is one advantage to having boys and that is that they do not care what they wear each day….let me explain…

C’Man is my oldest. When I take him shopping he likes to pick out shirts decorated with items he likes – skateboards, surfing, sharks, but best of all sports! He loves wearing his favorite teams. Cubs baseball, Clemson football, or whatever team his dad is rooting for.

O’Bear is a tad pickier. He looks more for the colors. If it’s orange then it’s good to go. Stripes? That probably won’t make into our cart. He also tends to go for the animals – dogs, dolphins, and bears.

Baby P’Diddy of course doesn’t have any say in what he puts on each day. Even though he is my third boy, I still love going shopping for him and picking out some new clothes so that his entire wardrobe does not have to be hand-me-downs. I think that I could live in the little boy sections. Tiny cargo shorts, mini polo shirts, little socks. The cuteness does not end.


My boys have gone to a few different schools and I think the way their current school does clothing is a good way. We have uniforms, but there is more than a couple of colors like most private schools have. Their school allows for 3 or 4 solid shirts. They can be t-shirts or golf type shirts. They can wear khakis or jeans which makes it super simple. All the kids look nice and it is very easy to go shopping and get ready in the morning.

Is there a sense of style in the uniform method? For my boys, not really. But I see all the little girls dressing it up a bit. Cute socks, hair ribbons, a little jewelry. They know how to do it!


Would I trade my easy, not caring what they wear for the most part, boys? No, never! 🙂


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  1. I agree – the little boy section is soooo cute! I am sad to be out of that spot! 🙂

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